The Only Product of Its Kind Backed By Level I Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence
• The result of the largest clinical study of the MTP joint to date.
• The only FDA-approved alternative to fusion.

Clinical Trial Results

93% Reduction in Pain1

Cartiva patients have experienced nearly the same substantial reduction in pain as fusion patients.

Median VAS Pain clinical results

168% Functional Improvement2

Cartiva patients demonstrate long-lasting, substantial improvement in foot function.

FAAM Sports Score clinical results

50% Improved Range of Motion3

Cartiva doesn’t just preserve range of motion, but substantially increases it.

MTP Dorsiflexion clinical results
5 year clinical data

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1 A substantial and clinically meaningful reduction in pain using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) was experienced by subjects in the Cartiva group at every follow-up visit through 2 years. Cartiva subjects demonstrated a 93% reduction from a score of 68 at baseline to 5 at 2 years.

2 Functional activities were evaluated using the validated Foot and Ankle Mobility Measure (FAAM). Substantial improvement was observed for Cartiva subjects throughout the 2-year follow-up period with a 168% improvement observed in the sporting activities scale.

3 There was a substantial and clinically important improvement in active dorsiflexon motion in the Cartiva group, restoring motion to levels which are documented in the literature to be needed for normal walking gait while experiencing substantial reduction in pain.

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